Tuesday, October 3, 2017

[Notifications] Star Fox SNES Voices (11 Tones)

In honor of the SNES classic coming out, I'll be posting a few classic SNES playlists!
Here's a playlist of each of the Star Fox characters' voices in game. You know the ones. The unique jibberish they'd speak!

[Notifications] Star Fox SNES Voices (11 Tones) - Download
Open this URL on your (android) phone, and choose to open with Random Ringtones Manager

StarFox-Falco Damage.mp3
StarFox-Falco Death.mp3
StarFox-General Pepper.mp3
StarFox-Peppy Damage.mp3
StarFox-Peppy Death.mp3
StarFox-Slippy Damage.mp3
StarFox-Slippy Death.mp3
Don't have Random Ringtones Manager? Download it for Android. Once you have it installed, click on the playlist link above from your phone and RRM will take care of the rest. Once you activate the playlist, a random ringtone from this playlist will play!