Friday, March 18, 2016

[Ringtones] Disney Princesses (14 Ringtones)

Here's a list of 14 Disney princess ringtones. Each ringtone is from a different Disney princess( heroine, president, etc) . These are all of my favorites! Feel free to post ringtones of yours :)

[Ringtones] Disney Princesses (14 Ringtones) - Download
For use with Android Random Ringtones Manager

Disney-Aladdin A Whole New World.mp3
Disney-Almost there Princess and the Frog.mp3
Disney-Beauty and the Beast.mp3
Disney-Brave-Touch The Sky.mp3
Disney-Cinderella A Dream is a wish your heart makes.mp3
Disney-Do You Want To Build A Snowman.mp3
Disney-I won't say I'm in love Hercules.mp3
Disney-Mulan Ill make a man out of you.mp3
Disney-Pocahontas just around the river bend.mp3
Disney-Sleeping Beauty.mp3
Disney-Snow White Im Wishing.mp3
Disney-Sugar Rush.mp3
Disney-Tangled - I See the Light.mp3

Don't have Random Ringtones Manager? Download it for Android. Once you have it installed, click on the playlist link above from your phone and RRM will take care of the rest. Once you activate the playlist, a random ringtone from this playlist will play every time you get a message!

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