Tuesday, May 3, 2016

[Ringtones/Notifications] Bop It Extreme! (39 Tones)

I used to play with Bop It Extreme when I was a kid. It was a fun little time waster, that I'm sure my parents loved to hear blaring loudly. The game is one of those classic hand held electronic toys that everyone had or at least played before. So here's a playlist honoring you, Bop It!
I've broken this playlist into 3 .rrm files. Mixed, Ringtones only, and Notifications only. Pick your poison!

Bopit 2 Player.ogg
Bopit Beep Bop.ogg
Bopit Box Bop.ogg
Bopit High Score 99.ogg
Bopit New Record.ogg
Bopit Nice Going! High Score 27.ogg
Bopit Beep Bop! Solo!.ogg
Bopit Beep Bop!.ogg
Bopit Bobit! 2.ogg
Bopit Bop it! 3.ogg
Bopit Bopit.ogg
Bopit Box Bop! Solo!.ogg
Bopit Box Bop!.ogg
Bopit Dude....ogg
Bopit Flick It! 2.ogg
Bopit Flick it! 3.ogg
Bopit Flick it.ogg
Bopit Game Over.ogg
Bopit High Score 5.ogg
Bopit High Score Voice.ogg
Bopit High Score!.ogg
Bopit High Score.ogg
Bopit Killer Dude!.ogg
Bopit Nice Going Fanfare.ogg
Bopit Nice Going!.ogg
Bopit Oh Boy.ogg
Bopit Pass it Fanfare.ogg
Bopit Pass it!.ogg
Bopit Pull it! 2.ogg
Bopit Pull it! 3.ogg
Bopit Pull it!.ogg
Bopit SCREAM.ogg
Bopit Spin it! 2.ogg
Bopit Spin it! 3.ogg
Bopit Spin it!.ogg
Bopit Twist it! 2.ogg
Bopit Twist It! 3.ogg
Bopit Twist it.ogg
Bopit Youre Out.ogg

Don't have Random Ringtones Manager? Download it for Android. Once you have it installed, click on the playlist link above from your phone and RRM will take care of the rest. Once you activate the playlist, a random ringtone from this playlist will play every time you get a message!

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