Thursday, June 2, 2016

[Notifications/Ringtones] Overwatch (451 Tones)

Here's a playlist of more ringtones than you could ever need... or do you? Every character is represented here, as well as some in game music clips, among other things. If you're obsessed with this game, this playlist is for you ;)

[Mixed] Overwatch.rrm - Download

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Announcer - Epic.m4a
Announcer - Legendary.m4a
Announcer - Multikill.m4a
Announcer - Overtime.m4a
Announcer - Team Kill.m4a
Bastion - Bastion Sounds 1.m4a
Bastion - Beeple.m4a
Bastion - Boo Boo Doo De Doo.m4a
Bastion - Bweeeeeeeeee.m4a
Bastion - Chirr Chirr Chirr.m4a
Bastion - Dah-Dah Weeeee!.m4a
Bastion - Doo-Woo.m4a
Bastion - Dun Dun Boop Boop.m4a
Bastion - Dweet Dweet Dweet!.m4a
Bastion - Hee Hoo Hoo.m4a
Bastion - Sh-Sh-Sh.m4a
Bastion - Spawn Quote.m4a
Bastion - Ultimate.m4a
Bastion - Zwee.m4a
D.VA - ;).m4a
D.VA - A New Challenger.m4a
D.VA - AFK.m4a
D.VA - Aw, Yeah!.m4a
D.VA - D.VA 1, Bad Guys 0.m4a
D.VA - For Me.m4a
D.VA - GG!.m4a
D.VA - I Play To Win.m4a
D.VA - Is This Easy Mode.m4a
D.VA - LOL.m4a
D.VA - Love, D.VA.m4a
D.VA - No Hacks Required.m4a
D.VA - Spawn Quote.m4a
D.VA - Ultimate (Activate).m4a
D.VA - Ultimate (Explosion).m4a
D.VA - Ultimate.m4a
Genji - A Steady Blade Balances The Soul.m4a
Genji - A Steady Blade.m4a
Genji - Come On!.m4a
Genji - Damn!.m4a
Genji - Deflect.m4a
Genji - Genji Here.m4a
Genji - Hello.m4a
Genji - I Am Prepared!.m4a
Genji - Let's Fight!.m4a
Genji - Measure Twice, Cut Once.m4a
Genji - My Soul Seeks Balance.m4a
Genji - Not Good Enough!.m4a
Genji - Ryuu Geki Ken.m4a
Genji - Simple.m4a
Genji - Spawn Quote.m4a
Genji - Swift As The Wind.m4a
Genji - Think Upon Your Actions.m4a
Genji - Ultimate (Activate).m4a
Genji - Ultimate (Sheathe).m4a
Genji - Ultimate.m4a
Genji - Yeah!.m4a
Genji - You Are Only Human.m4a
Hanzo - A Dragon Consumes.m4a
Hanzo - Expect Nothing Less.m4a
Hanzo - Fall Like Rain.m4a
Hanzo - Flow Like The River.m4a
Hanzo - Flow Like Water.m4a
Hanzo - From One Thing....m4a
Hanzo - Hm....m4a
Hanzo - I Do What I Must.m4a
Hanzo - Let The Dragon Consume You.m4a
Hanzo - Never In Doubt.m4a
Hanzo - Never Second Best.m4a
Hanzo - Remember This Moment.m4a
Hanzo - Ryuu Ga Waga Teki Wo Kurae.m4a
Hanzo - Sake!.m4a
Hanzo - Spawn Quote.m4a
Hanzo - Spirit Dragon.m4a
Hanzo - Step Into The Dojo.m4a
Hanzo - The Art Of Deception.m4a
Hanzo - The Skies Are Clear.m4a
Hanzo - Ultimate.m4a
Hanzo - With Every Death.m4a
Junkrat - ... Blow It Up Again.m4a
Junkrat - Anyone Want Some BBQ.m4a
Junkrat - Brrring!.m4a
Junkrat - Coming Up Explodey.m4a
Junkrat - Fire In The Hole.m4a
Junkrat - Gooday Cobber.m4a
Junkrat - Gooday Mate.m4a
Junkrat - Happy Birthday.m4a
Junkrat - Have A Nice Day!.m4a
Junkrat - It's A Perfect Day.m4a
Junkrat - It's The Little Things.m4a
Junkrat - Kaboom.m4a
Junkrat - Laugh #1.m4a
Junkrat - Laugh #2.m4a
Junkrat - Laugh #3.m4a
Junkrat - Ooh, Shiny.m4a
Junkrat - Smile!.m4a
Junkrat - Spawn Quote.m4a
Junkrat - Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock.m4a
Junkrat - Ultimate.m4a
Junkrat - You Dip Stick.m4a
L£cio - Can't Stop, Won't Stop.m4a
L£cio - Check Yourself.m4a
L£cio - Give Yourself To The Rythm.m4a
L£cio - Good As New.m4a
L£cio - Hello.m4a
L£cio - Hit Me!.m4a
L£cio - I Could Do This All Day.m4a
L£cio - I'm Feeling Good.m4a
L£cio - I'm On Top Of The World.m4a
L£cio - Jackpot!.m4a
L£cio - Let's Drop The Beat.m4a
L£cio - Let's Hussle.m4a
L£cio - Let's Up The Tempo.m4a
L£cio - Not Hearing That Noise.m4a
L£cio - Oh Yea.m4a
L£cio - Oh, Yeah!.m4a
L£cio - Spawn Quote.m4a
L£cio - Tinnitus.m4a
L£cio - To The Rythm.m4a
L£cio - Ultimate.m4a
L£cio - Why Are You So Angry.m4a
L£cio - You Gotta Believe!.m4a
McCree - Ain't I Killed You Before.m4a
McCree - Did I Miss.m4a
McCree - Easy.m4a
McCree - Happens To The Best Of Us.m4a
McCree - Hey There.m4a
McCree - Howdy.m4a
McCree - I Tried Being Reasonable.m4a
McCree - I'm The Quick....m4a
McCree - I'm Your Huckleberry.m4a
McCree - I've Got A Bullet....m4a
McCree - It's High Noon.m4a
McCree - Justice Ain't Gonna.m4a
McCree - Nice One.m4a
McCree - Reach For The Sky.m4a
McCree - Spawn Quote.m4a
McCree - Sure As Hell Ain't Ugly.m4a
McCree - Ultimate.m4a
McCree - Wanted, Dead Or Alive.m4a
McCree - Watch And Learn.m4a
McCree - Whoa There.m4a
McCree - You Done.m4a
Mei - A-Mei-Zing.m4a
Mei - Chill Out!.m4a
Mei - Fight For Our World.m4a
Mei - Freeze, Don't Move (Chinese).m4a
Mei - Freeze, Don't Move.m4a
Mei - Hang In There.m4a
Mei - Hey, Look At Me.m4a
Mei - I Believe In You.m4a
Mei - Laugh.m4a
Mei - Learned Your Lesson.m4a
Mei - Mei Here.m4a
Mei - Okay!.m4a
Mei - One Blizzard Comming Up.m4a
Mei - Ouch, Are You Okay.m4a
Mei - Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry.m4a
Mei - Spawn Quote.m4a
Mei - That Was Great.m4a
Mei - Watch This.m4a
Mei - Wow.m4a
Mei - Yay!.m4a
Mei - You Have To Let It Go.m4a
Mercy - Consultation Fee.m4a
Mercy - Doctor's Orders.m4a
Mercy - Hello.m4a
Mercy - Heroes Never Die.m4a
Mercy - How Barbaric.m4a
Mercy - I Have My Eye On You.m4a
Mercy - Mercy On Call.m4a
Mercy - Miracle Worker.m4a
Mercy - Need A Second Opinion.m4a
Mercy - On A Scale Of 1-10.m4a
Mercy - Say Ah.m4a
Mercy - Spawn Quote.m4a
Mercy - Super!.m4a
Mercy - Take Two.m4a
Mercy - The Doctor Is In.m4a
Mercy - The Doctor Will See You.m4a
Mercy - Ultimate.m4a
Mercy - Vital Signs Negative.m4a
Music - 'Rejuvenescància' (Radio Edit).m4a
Music - 'We Move Together As One' (Radio Edit).m4a
Music - Dorado 1.m4a
Music - Dorado 2.m4a
Music - Hanamura.m4a
Music - Hollywood.m4a
Music - Ilios.m4a
Music - King's Row.m4a
Music - Lijang Tower.m4a
Music - Main Menu.m4a
Music - Nepal.m4a
Music - Numbani.m4a
Music - Practice Range.m4a
Music - Route 66.m4a
Music - Temple Of Anubis.m4a
Music - Volskaya Industries.m4a
Music - Watchpoint Gibraltar.m4a
Pharah - Aerial Superiority Achieved.m4a
Pharah - Bring It.m4a
Pharah - Death From Above.m4a
Pharah - Death Is An Illusion.m4a
Pharah - Down To Earth.m4a
Pharah - Fly Like An Egyptian.m4a
Pharah - Flying The Friendly Skies.m4a
Pharah - Got You On My Radar.m4a
Pharah - I've Got Your Back.m4a
Pharah - Justice Is Done.m4a
Pharah - Justice Rains From Above.m4a
Pharah - Leave This To A Professional.m4a
Pharah - Not A Chance.m4a
Pharah - Play Nice, Play Pharah.m4a
Pharah - Rocket Jump.m4a
Pharah - Security In My Hands.m4a
Pharah - Shot Down.m4a
Pharah - Sorry, But I Need To Jet.m4a
Pharah - Spawn Quote.m4a
Pharah - Targets Neutralized.m4a
Reaper - Dead Man Walking.m4a
Reaper - Death Walks Among You.m4a
Reaper - Give Me A Break.m4a
Reaper - Haven't I Killed You.m4a
Reaper - I Am The Reaper.m4a
Reaper - I'm Back In Black.m4a
Reaper - If It Lives, I Can Kill It.m4a
Reaper - Next.m4a
Reaper - Psychopath.m4a
Reaper - Seen A Ghost.m4a
Reaper - Spawn Quote.m4a
Reaper - Too Easy.m4a
Reaper - Ultimate.m4a
Reaper - Was That All.m4a
Reaper - What Are You Looking At.m4a
Reinhardt - Are You Afraid.m4a
Reinhardt - Bring Me Another.m4a
Reinhardt - Catch Phrase!.m4a
Reinhardt - Crusader Online.m4a
Reinhardt - Crushing Machine.m4a
Reinhardt - German Engineering.m4a
Reinhardt - Hello.m4a
Reinhardt - Honor And Glory.m4a
Reinhardt - I Salute You.m4a
Reinhardt - Justice Will Be Done.m4a
Reinhardt - Respect Your Elders.m4a
Reinhardt - Show You How It's Done.m4a
Reinhardt - Spawn Quote.m4a
Reinhardt - This Old Dog.m4a
Reinhardt - Ultimate.m4a
Roadhog - About Time.m4a
Roadhog - Anchors Away.m4a
Roadhog - Candy From A Baby.m4a
Roadhog - Feeling Alive.m4a
Roadhog - God Save The King.m4a
Roadhog - Got Something To Say.m4a
Roadhog - Hahaha!.m4a
Roadhog - Here Little Piggy.m4a
Roadhog - Hook, Line And Sinker.m4a
Roadhog - I'm A One Man Apocalypse.m4a
Roadhog - Idiot.m4a
Roadhog - Kill Em.m4a
Roadhog - Leter Rip.m4a
Roadhog - Life Is Pain, So Is Death.m4a
Roadhog - No Pain, No Gain.m4a
Roadhog - Piece Of Cake.m4a
Roadhog - Push Off.m4a
Roadhog - Roadhog Rides Agaib.m4a
Roadhog - Roadhog Time.m4a
Roadhog - Say Bacon....m4a
Roadhog - Spawn Quote.m4a
Roadhog - The Apocalypse.m4a
Roadhog - Ultimate.m4a
Roadhog - Violence Is The Answer.m4a
Roadhog - We're All Animals.m4a
Soldier 76 - An Eye For An Eye.m4a
Soldier 76 - Get Off My Lawn.m4a
Soldier 76 - I Could Use Some New Gear.m4a
Soldier 76 - I Didn't Start This War....m4a
Soldier 76 - I Love The Smell Of Pulse Munitions In The Morning.m4a
Soldier 76 - I'm An Army Of One.m4a
Soldier 76 - I've Got You In My Sights.m4a
Soldier 76 - I've Still Got It.m4a
Soldier 76 - Not Dead Yet.m4a
Soldier 76 - Not On My Watch.m4a
Soldier 76 - Old Soldiers.m4a
Soldier 76 - Smells Like Victory.m4a
Soldier 76 - Spawn Quote.m4a
Soldier 76 - Target Rich Enviroment.m4a
Soldier 76 - That's Sir To You.m4a
Soldier 76 - The Fight Ain't Over Yet.m4a
Soldier 76 - The Mission's All That Matters.m4a
Soldier 76 - This Old Dog's Learned A Few Tricks.m4a
Soldier 76 - Those Days Are Over.m4a
Soldier 76 - Ultimate.m4a
Soldier 76 - We're All Soldiers Now.m4a
Soldier 76 - What Are You Lookin' At.m4a
Soldier 76 - You Didn't Make The Cut.m4a
Soldier 76 - You Fought With Honor Kid.m4a
Soldier 76 - You're The Other One.m4a
Sound - Bodyshot 1x.m4a
Sound - Bodyshot 3x + Kill.m4a
Sound - Bodyshot 3x.m4a
Sound - Headshot 1x.m4a
Sound - Headshot 3x + Kill.m4a
Sound - Headshot 3x + Ultimate.m4a
Sound - Headshot 3x.m4a
Sound - Killsound.m4a
Sound - Selection #1.m4a
Sound - Selection #2.m4a
Sound - Selection #3.m4a
Sound - Selection #4.m4a
Symmetra - Do Not Believe Everything You See.m4a
Symmetra - Everything By Design.m4a
Symmetra - Exquisite.m4a
Symmetra - How Unsightly.m4a
Symmetra - I Don't Think So.m4a
Symmetra - Impressive.m4a
Symmetra - Our Fates Are Entwined.m4a
Symmetra - Perception Is Your Weakness.m4a
Symmetra - Perfect Harmony.m4a
Symmetra - Precisely.m4a
Symmetra - Put You In Your Place.m4a
Symmetra - Reality Is My Playground.m4a
Symmetra - Shield Engaged.m4a
Symmetra - Spawn Quote.m4a
Symmetra - Such A Lack Of Imagination.m4a
Symmetra - Symmetra Reporting.m4a
Symmetra - Teleporter Ready For Deployment.m4a
Symmetra - The Cake Is A Lie, Or Is It.m4a
Symmetra - The Cake Is Not A Lie.m4a
Symmetra - This Is The Path We Should Take.m4a
Symmetra - Ultimate.m4a
Symmetra - Welcome To My Reality.m4a
Symmetra - Well Executed.m4a
Symmetra - Why Do You Struggle.m4a
Torbjîrn - A Chicken Out Of A Feather.m4a
Torbjîrn - Armor Up.m4a
Torbjîrn - Build Em Up, Break Em Down.m4a
Torbjîrn - Completion Date.m4a
Torbjîrn - Don't Get Caught.m4a
Torbjîrn - Engineers.m4a
Torbjîrn - Hard Work Pays off.m4a
Torbjîrn - I Forsee Great Things For You.m4a
Torbjîrn - I'm Giving It All I've Got!.m4a
Torbjîrn - I'm Swedish!.m4a
Torbjîrn - Leave This To An Expert.m4a
Torbjîrn - Let's Not Buy The Pig.m4a
Torbjîrn - Molten Core.m4a
Torbjîrn - Ready To Work.m4a
Torbjîrn - Some Assembly Required.m4a
Torbjîrn - Spawn Quote.m4a
Torbjîrn - Ultimate.m4a
Torbjîrn - Working As Intended.m4a
Tracer - Aw, Rubbish.m4a
Tracer - Be Right Back!.m4a
Tracer - Bombs Away.m4a
Tracer - Brilliant.m4a
Tracer - Check Me Out.m4a
Tracer - Cheers Love, The Chavalry Is Here.m4a
Tracer - Cheers, Love!.m4a
Tracer - DäjÖ Vu.m4a
Tracer - For Me, Awh.m4a
Tracer - Hiya.m4a
Tracer - Just In Time.m4a
Tracer - Keep Calm And Tracer On.m4a
Tracer - Keep Calm.m4a
Tracer - Laugh.m4a
Tracer - Oh No.m4a
Tracer - She Shoots, She Scores.m4a
Tracer - Spawn Quote.m4a
Tracer - The World Needs Heroes.m4a
Tracer - Time's Up.m4a
Tracer - Tracer Here.m4a
Tracer - Under Control.m4a
Tracer - Wait For It.m4a
Tracer - You Got It.m4a
Tracer - You Need A Time Out.m4a
Widowmaker - A Single Death.m4a
Widowmaker - Encore.m4a
Widowmaker - Let Them Eat Cake.m4a
Widowmaker - Look For The Woman.m4a
Widowmaker - Manifique.m4a
Widowmaker - No One Can Hide From My Sight.m4a
Widowmaker - One Shot, One Kill.m4a
Widowmaker - Ouh LÖ LÖ.m4a
Widowmaker - Personne N'Çchappe A Mon Regard.m4a
Widowmaker - Spawn Quote.m4a
Widowmaker - Step Into My Parlor....m4a
Widowmaker - That's How It Is.m4a
Widowmaker - To Life, To Death.m4a
Widowmaker - What's An Aimbot.m4a
Winston - ... Excuse Me.m4a
Winston - Curious.m4a
Winston - Don't Get Me Angry.m4a
Winston - How Embarrassing.m4a
Winston - I Do Not Want A Banana.m4a
Winston - I'm Back.m4a
Winston - Imagination Is The Essence Of Discovery.m4a
Winston - Natural Selection.m4a
Winston - No Monkey Business.m4a
Winston - Peanut Butter.m4a
Winston - Sorry About That!.m4a
Winston - Spawn Quote.m4a
Winston - The Power Of Science!.m4a
Winston - Ultimate.m4a
Winston - We Have A Problem.m4a
Winston - Winston Reporting.m4a
Zarya - A Champion's Reward.m4a
Zarya - Get Down, Give Me 20.m4a
Zarya - Give Me Your Best Shot.m4a
Zarya - Greetings.m4a
Zarya - I Am Mother Russia.m4a
Zarya - I Can Bench More Than You.m4a
Zarya - I Will Break You.m4a
Zarya - In Russia, Game Plays You.m4a
Zarya - Need Personal Training.m4a
Zarya - No Mercy.m4a
Zarya - Ogon Po Gotovnosti.m4a
Zarya - Onwards To Victory.m4a
Zarya - Privjet.m4a
Zarya - Siberian Bear.m4a
Zarya - Something To Add To My Collection.m4a
Zarya - Spawn Quote.m4a
Zarya - Strong As The Mountain.m4a
Zarya - Together We Are Strong.m4a
Zarya - Ultimate.m4a
Zarya - Welcome To The Gun Show.m4a
Zarya - Zarya Ready For Duty.m4a
Zenyatta - Death Is Whimsical Today.m4a
Zenyatta - Do I Think.m4a
Zenyatta - Existence Is Mysterious.m4a
Zenyatta - Farewell.m4a
Zenyatta - Free Your Mind.m4a
Zenyatta - Gaze Into The Iris.m4a
Zenyatta - Greetings.m4a
Zenyatta - Hello, World!.m4a
Zenyatta - I Dreamt I Was A Butterfly.m4a
Zenyatta - I Returb.m4a
Zenyatta - I Think, Therefore I Am.m4a
Zenyatta - I Will Not Juggle.m4a
Zenyatta - Ones And Zeroes.m4a
Zenyatta - Pain Is An Excellent Teacher.m4a
Zenyatta - Pass Into The Iris.m4a
Zenyatta - Peace And Blessings.m4a
Zenyatta - Repitition Is The Path To Mastery.m4a
Zenyatta - Spawn Quote.m4a
Zenyatta - The Iris Embraces You.m4a
Zenyatta - True Self Is Without Form.m4a
Zenyatta - Ultimate.m4a
Zenyatta - We Are In Harmony.m4a
Zenyatta - Wonderful.m4a

Zenyatta - Zenyatta Is Here.m4a

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