Friday, July 29, 2016

[Ringtones] Pokémon RBY! (42 Ringtones)

Among all the Pokémon Go craze these days, it's refreshing to look back at what the series started out as, and how it has progressed into the cultural phenomenon it is today. I'm so glad I've been a part of it since I was just a kid, and now it continues with this ringtone playlist of all the songs in the original games. You never know what town theme will play the next time you get a call.

PKMN-RBY- Battle (vs wild pokémon).mp3
PKMN-RBY- Battle vs gym leader.mp3
PKMN-RBY- Last battle vs rival.mp3
PKMN-RBY- Lavender town's theme.mp3
PKMN-RBY- Mt. moon cave.mp3
PKMN-RBY- Pokémon mansion.mp3
PKMN-RBY- Victory (vs wild pokémon).mp3
PKMN-RBY- Viridian forest.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Battle (vs trainer).mp3
PKMN-RBY-Celadon city.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Cerulean city's theme.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Cinnabar Island.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Codename st. Anne.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Into the palace.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Oak Research Lab.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Pallet Town.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Pewter City's Theme.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Pokémon center.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Pokémon gym.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Pokémon tower.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Professor Oak.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Rival Appears.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Sylph company.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Team rocket hideout.mp3
PKMN-RBY-The final road .mp3
PKMN-RBY-The road to cerulean from mt. moon.mp3
PKMN-RBY-The road to Lavender town from Vermillion.mp3
PKMN-RBY-The Road to Viridian City - From Palette.mp3
PKMN-RBY-To bill's origin - From cerulean.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Trainer appears (girl chapter).mp3
PKMN-RBY-Trainer appears bad guy chapter.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Trainer appears boy chapter.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Vermillion city's theme.mp3
PKMN-RBY-Victory (vs trainer).mp3
PKMN-RBY-Victory vs gym leader.mp3

Don't have Random Ringtones Manager? Download it for Android. Once you have it installed, click on the playlist link above from your phone and RRM will take care of the rest. Once you activate the playlist, a random ringtone from this playlist will play!

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